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Inspiring Ceramic Sculpture by Ivan Prieto

Creative and inspiring ceramic sculpture by Ivan Prieto, a talented artist based in Berlin, Germany. This is very interesting artwork though some seem a little bit scary. If you want to see more Ivan’s gallery, check out his

15 Great Tutorial on How to Make Posters Using Photoshop

Posters or flyers is an advertising media that is very inexpensive, easy to use and it’s effective way to promote a product or event to many peoples. But, how to make posters if you’re not

20+ Inspiring Health Logo Design

Health logos are widely used in general public health clinics, dental clinics, hospitals, eye optics and healthcare organizations. Logo design for health services are normally associated with medical elements and health care illustrations itself.

Awesome Wall Paintings and Concept Drawing by Daan Botlek

Daan Botlek  is an illustrator from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He produced many artworks that might be a little creepy, brutal and unusual but still has its own charm. if you are curious, in today’s post, let’s take a look

30 Unique Business Card Designs

if you were to pursue a business like selling products or services, in the process, of course, you meet a lot of new people that you have never met before, and they are potential