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44 Minimalist Business Cards Templates & Design Inspiration

Business cards is great marketing tool to present your business or company info to a new customers. A business card doesn’t need to be boring at all. Ugly designed business cards tend to be

20 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Create a successful presentation is not an easy job, you must have public speaking skills and good powerpoint material content. Instead of having a great material content, using creative PowerPoint template slides you can amaze your

70+ Envelope Design That Don’t Suck

Envelope is one of the most important part of a brand identity campaign development., it has a similar function like product packaging design which bring branding elements like colors, fonts, and logos. A well-designed envelope is a

20 Examples of Ambigram Design

How are you?, In the last post we have mentioned about ambigram generator (online). There are lots of kinds of ambigrams such as for instance rotational ambigrams, reflective kinds, 3-dimensional, etc. In this post I want to show you

20 Brilliant Brochure Design That Work

Good Day, Today i like to give a number of brilliant brochure design we have collected for you personally. Brochure is essential section of advertisement, It’s cheap, easy to produce and very effective when

22 Unique Wedding Invitations

Howdy, on the previous post, we have post about collections of free wedding invitations templates and here, on this moment i would like to provide various high-quality wedding invitations design we have compiled you may want. These wedding

24 Beautiful Letterhead Design Ideas

Letterhead is the head of a letter or stationery, serves as information from company or sender information, letterhead typically contains a company name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. Most of the letterhead design we

35 Creative Envelope Design for Inspiration

Hi there, in the previous post we have awesome envelope templates, in this instance i like to present some impressive envelope design we’ve collected for your needs. This envelope design is useful to find

16 Simple Resume Examples ( +Free Templates )

A “simple” is a word that describe something which is non complex yet easy to understand. In the world of design, a simple design is also widely applied in the modern resume. When designing this

3 Free Ambigram Generator Font Design

There are few free ambigram generator available on the internet that you can use to create ambigram designs for tattoos, although you can do it by looking for a specific fonts, ambigram generator will make it easier

40 Great Minimalist Portfolio Websites

We have made a combination of a few  of the most popular minimalist portfolio websites design featured here. In minimalist design, the key focus is on  the content instead of hefty design effects. Essentially,

20 Websites with Stunning Illustrations

Website illustrations can truly add identity to even the small sites and encourage website visitors to remain a long time and explore. Today we’ll take a look at 20 inspiring websites from all around the