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7 Powerful Bootstrap Charts [Plugins & Code Snippets]

As we can see, nowadays bootstrap website dashboard has an interesting UI for presenting data in visual graph such as analytics chart and stats. Most of them are responsive and built with powerful Twitter bootstrap framework. If

10+ Awesome jQuery Autocomplete for Your Project

No need to hit the search or enter button and reload the website page to view the “search result”. A jQuery Autocomplete will automatically highlight terms when you are typing, pre-populated set of values as

10 Best Instapage Templates for Awesome Landing Page

The main goal of a landing page is to promote the application / product / service. Without a well-designed landing pages you’ll fall in business competition where the first impression will be the primary

12 Awesome Responsive 3dcart Themes For Fashion Online Store

In the previous post, we have Discussed about free themes for OpenCart. In the today’s post we are going to show you an awesome free 3dcart themes for fashion and clothing online shop website. A

40+ Simple jQuery Slider Plugins

Nowadays, you can develop an image / content slider for websites easily, there are many slider plugins that you can choose to create an awesome slider to amaze your visitors, You can use CSS-only slider or jQuery based

50+ Website & App Wireframe Examples

When you get stuck and don’t have any ideas in website or app wireframe design concept, you may just need more inspiration, ideas and wireframe examples to refresh your mind. The website wireframe is

15 of The Best Lazy Load for Your Website

Lazy load is the perfect solution to accelerate site performance by delaying the loading of content. In this case, the content can include images, video, audio, JavaScript files, and advertising. In addition to improving

25 Awesome jQuery Image Gallery

jQuery gallery is very important in portfolio or photographers website development to build a nice image gallery showcase in their website template. Developers and Photographers are specifically interested in them since they enable you to

100+ Awesome & Free PSD Icons [Social Media, Apps, Flat & Button]

Icons play major role in website user interface element. Icons can help users to navigate easily in your website, they also can beautify the look of your website or app UI design. If you

5 Top jQuery Drag & Drop Plugins

Here on this page, we present jQuery drag and drop plugins that actually works on both desktop and touch devices. In computer graphical user interfaces, drag and drop try a pointing device motion in which the

10 Free HTML5 / jQuery Audio Plugins

jQuery Audio is a media jQuery plugin that plays audio / sound natively in modern browsers. With this plugin, you can create a beautiful audio player on your article, convert browser microphone to mp3 and add interaction sounds to

18 jQuery Data Tables & Spreadsheet

jQuery tables allow you to showcase a set of data and spreadsheet in your website. By using jquery plugins, you can build a beautiful data tables that has more advance features and attractive user interface design than default