11 Best Podcast WordPress Plugins

WordPress is well-known for its easy-to-use plugins. When you discover you’ll want to add some functionality to your WordPress website or blog. There are wordpress plugins which will permit you to manage your website to utilize podcasting, but to get an best suited specifications, you need to search for a perfect podcast plugin.

Podcasting makes a much closer connection with the listeners and gives you a completely new channel to link and engage your members and supporters. While there’s countless WordPress plugins for podcasting, we’ve decided to choose what we think about the Best WordPress Podcast plugins for you. Let’s check it out.

Buzzsprout Podcasting WordPress Plugin

buzzsprout podcasting wordpress plugin

Buzzsprout Podcasting WordPress Plugin: Buzzsprout is the easiest way to publish a podcast online. From safe and reliable web hosting to complete iTunes help, HTML5 players, show statistics, and undoubtedly, this WordPress plugin, Buzzsprout has all you need to publish and promote your podcast!

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Podcasting Plugin by TSG

Podcasting Plugin by TSG: The Podcasting plugin by TSG brings complete podcasting support to WordPress. This enables one to use any media file from someplace on the internet (either your internet site or another website) and it’ll add it to an iTunes-based feed. The Podcasting plugin also contains player help enabling people to play the news file entirely on your site.

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Seriously Simple Podcasting


Seriously Simple Podcasting: Seriously Simple Podcasting is an podcasting that is easy-to-use for WordPress that is as powerful as it’s easy. It utilizes a WordPress that is native interface has minimal settings in order not to distract you from that which you really should do – publish your content.

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rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

rtmedia for wordpress, buddypress and bbpress

rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress: rtMedia could be the just complete media solution for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress.

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iTunes Podcast Review Manager WordPress Plugin

itunes podcast review supervisor wordpress plugin

iTunes Podcast Review Manager WordPress Plugin: Get your iTunes podcast reviews from all countries. Checks iTunes immediately and displays your podcast reviews in a sortable table.

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Podlove Podcast Publisher WordPress Plugin

podlove podcast publisher wordpress plugin

Podlove Podcast Publisher WordPress Plugin: We built the Podlove Podcast Publisher because existing solutions are stuck within the past, complex and unwieldy. The Publisher helps you conserve time, stress less and offers a edge that is cutting experience for your audience.

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Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin

blubrry powerpress podcasting plugin

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin: Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress. Produced by podcasters for podcasters, PowerPress provides full iTunes and Google Enjoy help, online audio/video media players, exclusive subscribe tools, podcasting Search Engine Optimization features and more.

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WP Pipes WordPress Plugin

wp pipelines wordpress plugin

WP Pipes WordPress Plugin: Yahoo Pipes & Zapier are effective online solutions for making pipeline of data, WP Pipes by ThimPress comes open to the WordPress community to create such of effective abilities to WordPress website, works right inside your WordPress website. You’ll create Pipes that is many your Pipes input and get production as your preferences.

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SoundCloud Ultimate Plugin

soundcloud plugin that is ultimate width=

SoundCloud Ultimate Plugin: The SoundCloud Ultimate plugin allows musicians, podcasters or internet owners whom use SoundCloud to control or display their songs from their WordPress website. The plugin’s features are the following:

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Sermon Manager WordPress Plugin


Sermon Manager WordPress Plugin: Sermon Manager was created to help churches easily publish sermons online. You could add speakers, sermon show, Bible references etc.

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YourChannel: YouTube channel on your own website

YourChannel: YouTube channel in your website: just like YouTube. Shows advertising, uploads, playlists and more (All optional). You simply need a YouTube username.

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