54 Fabulous Simple Tumblr Themes

54 Fabulous Simple Tumblr Themes

Showcase 0f 54 faulous and simple tumblr themes that will make your contents or articles on your blog more comfortable to read and improve your blog reader’s experiences by making your website page load faster and easier to navigate with clean design. I think everyone is agreed that simple and minimalism in web design is a trend that will never die, as you can see on the flat template design trend that we see these days in 2013 – simple, modern and minimalist concept is an important principles of the design ideas. These simple portfolio and blog themes for tumblr is perfect for online writers, bloggers, personal diary and journal.

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Please note, some of tumblr themes listed in this post are free to use, and some are premium themes from themeforest web designers, you can purchase it and receive a technical support from the author.

We have a really good free simple tumblr theme you can choice from with useful features and well-designed layout. But if you want to create a beautiful and unique website design, you can choose a premium one which give you more theme option and customization.

1. Stationery

2. Notes

3. Calipso

4. Munich

5. Affection

6. Clarus

7. Zen

8. Single A

9. Field Notes

10. 3xistence

11. Next Saturday

12. Vintage Metro

13. Fast Blog

14. 1000 Suns

15. Default

16. Gridly

17. Booky

18. Minitime

19. Simon

20. Astronaut

21. Strict

22. Tumblair

23. Atonement

24. SlimBlolio

25. FeelinBlue

26. Minimal

27. Druid

28. Pink touch

29. o by inky

30. Waletumblr

31. Minimalistico

32. Baroness

33. langer.tumblr

34. Papercut

35. Minsk

36. Ashley


38. The Minimalist

39. Zeppelin

40. Polaroid

41. Postage

42. Peach

43. Prologue

44. Focus

45. Redib

46. Linear

47. Litefolio

48. Pierre

49. Panda Classics Recycled

50. UltraMnml

51. GreyMatters

52. Lightweight

53. Kalalalani

54. LightGrid

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