12 Simple Pure CSS Slider

If you are looking for CSS slider, then you are right to be here, this post will help you to find the best alternative for image or content slider plugins that will work fine without JavaScript enabled.

So why you need a pure CSS slider to showcase your featured content? Even though jQuery slider is really popular and has been widely used in website development, some of internet user may has JavaScript disabled on their web browser, and this is why the use of CSS slider can be really useful.

Stas Melnikov CSS Sliders

Stas Melnikov CSS Sliders

This elegant and free css slider is designed by Stas Melnikov.

Background Image Slider With CSS Keyframes

Stupid simple slider is built in only CSS with silky smooth and animating background-images. You can create a full height slider that fades between images and deliver smaller images for mobile to keep them load times fast.


csslider is a pure CSS content and image Slider by Damian Drygiel. No JavaScript required.


By using this pure CSS slider, you can create a beautiful content slider with animated slides, because this slider is built in CSS3 with no JS.

Reverie Responsive CSS3 Slider

Reverie Responsive CSS3 Slider

Reverie Responsive CSS3 Slider is built in purely CSS3 and HTML5 elements. It is fully responsive slider which allow you add as many images as you want.

Pure CSS3 Slideshow Without Page Jump

Responsive CSS3 Slider Without Javascript

Making a Pure CSS Featured Image Slider

Making Pure CSS3 demos better

Pure Gallery CSS

A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow

Create a JQuery Content Slider Using Pure CSS

A JavaScript Content Switcher That Works Without JavaScript

Slideshow CSS3

Simple Auto-Playing Slideshow

CSS3 Image Slider

Fully Functional CSS3-Only Content Slider

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