70 Free HTML/CSS Responsive Templates

In this post, we have some really great resources for web developers, a huge collections of 70 free responsive templates in HTML and CSS that you can use for developing a website with flexible and adaptive layout. Make your website more readable in smaller screen resolution without installing another mobile template.

You will find a lot of free website templates with variety types for business, HTML vCard, web hosting, one page, personal blog, portfolio templates and much more.

If you are not a web developers, and want to have a responsive templates for your blog, just check out our collections of responsive themes for WordPress that you can download for free!

1. Heavy Industry Business Template

2. mCube Elegant Template

3. Telephasic Free Responsive HTML Template

4. Free Blog Template Design

5. Clean Red

6. Retina free HTML5 responsive template

7. Appology creative coming soon page template

8. zBoom Music Website Template

9. Socialike

10. Kroft template

11. Science HTML5 Template

12. Striped

13. Simpler Responsive Html5 Theme

14. Type & Grids

15. Deliccio Html5 Theme

16. Strongly Typed

17. Accentbox

18. Responsive iPhone Application Template

19. Folder Responsive Theme

20. Designa

21. Torn

22. Minimalism

23. GreenStudio Html5 Theme

24. Park Zone

25. Verti

26. Flexapp

27. Zeni

28. Aqueous Responsive Template

29. Sworm Free Simple CSS Template

30. Hosting Free Responsive Template

31. zCorporate

32. Citusy

33. Zparalexy

34. Nova HTML template

35. LiquidGem

36. Dopetrope

37. Affinity

38. Minimaxing

39. MegaCorp

40. Touch The Future

41. Triangle Html5 Template

42. EX Machina

43. Jewelry Shop

44. Arcana

45. Studio One

46. Wee

47. WebLab

48. Tapestry

49. Brownie

50. Facebuk

51. Serenity Responsive Template

52. Evolution

53. Proximet

54. Business Project

55. Halcyonic

56. VividPhoto

57. OnePager

58. Parrallelism

59. Shinra HTML template

60. Response

61. Astral Responsive vCard Website Template

62. Resond HTML5 template

63. zCumbeton

64. Serendipity

65. Txt

66. Modus Responsive Template

67. Escape Velocity HTML5 Template

68. Kataklimt

69. IAmCreative

70. Free ABC – Clean and Responsive Website Template

If you have a suggestions for free responsive templates out there that we missed, please leave a comment. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends 🙂

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