20 Free Mega Menu (CSS/HTML & jQuery)

Mega menu is one of the most coolest website navigation types that present some of important page links, featured content/product, email or contact web form in beautiful and interactive multiple column. Mega menu have more advantage than simple drop-down menu that most commonly used single column, especially for improving the usability of website navigation and it’s also good for user experience.

You may have to visit and see the example of mega menu design from some websites like Food.com (My favorite one), CNET, Mashable and much more. It’s really great right? :), if you want to create a mega menu for your website, there is some solution for it, you can use a free mega menu plugin (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) or using CSS/HTML and jQuery (Tutorial).

In today’s post, we create a small tutorial roundups for you, hopefully all of these tutorial will useful for you in creating and designing a mega drop down menu for better website navigation. Don’t forget to check out useful InDesign tutorials for beginner and  the latest CSS3 tutorial in 2013.

Mega Menu Tutorial

(NEW) UberMenu [ More Details ]


(NEW) WP Mega Menu Pro [ More Details ]


(NEW) Jolly jQuery-Bootstrap Mega Dropdown Menu [ More Details ]


1. How to Create a CSS3 Mega Drop-Down Menu Tutorial [ More Details ]

2. UI elements: a search box with a filter and a large drop down menu [ More Details ]

3. A simple mega menu implementation with CSS and jQuery [ More Details ]

4. MegaDrop – Mega Drop-down Menu CSS Framework [ More Details ]

5. Build a cross-browser and awesome CSS-only drop-down mega menu, using nice CSS3 [ More Details ]

6. reate your own CSS file for the WordPress Mega drop down menu plugin [ More Details ]

7. CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu Tutorial [ More Details ]

8. DD Mega drop down Menu [ More Details ]

9. jQuery MegaMenu 2 with slideDown/slideUp, fadeIn/fadeOut effects [ More Details ]

10. Pure css mega menu with a professional look [ More Details ]

11. create a simple mega menu effect overlay. [ More Details ]

12. Custom CSS and HTML Vertical Mega Menu [ More Details ]

13. Make a Mega Drop-Down Menu with jQuery [ More Details ]

14. Megamenu tutorial for Joomla 3.0 using T3 Framework [ More Details ]

15. Easy Peasy, CSS-powered Fully Custom Mega Menus [ More Details ]

16 . jQuery Mega Menu Slide Vertical Tutorial [ More Details ]

17. Create Colorful CSS3 Drop-down Menu [ More Details ]

18. Attractive Mega menu (5/4/3/2/1 column) HTML5 and CSS3 powered. [ More Details ]

19. Pure CSS DropDown Menu using :target pseudo class [ More Details ]

20. jQuery + CSS List-Menu Plugin (Support 400+ list items) [ More Details ]

21. MDF Megamenu [ More Details ]

MDF Megamenu is first to feature completely Intuitive And User Friendly Interface that is very simple to use. You can start building beautiful mega menus quickly from WordPress Menu Interface.

MDF Megamenu

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